Stunning Vacation House Design with the View of Mediterranean Sea

In Cap Ferrat, there is modern vacation house design that is suitable for you who want to spend your holiday in Southern France. The gorgeous rental house is known as Villa O. You can stay comfortably in this house accompanied by the elegant exterior and interior house design. Modernity can be clearly seen from its exterior design. You will be amazed by the luxury of this house at your first glance.

Villa O is the realization of amazing vacation house design ideas. Let us talk about the exterior design of Villa O. This modern holiday house stands on the large area. It has the picturesque landscape of Mediterranean Sea. The stunning view of the sea is completed by the lush vegetation around the house.

It can create cozy atmosphere to the house. The exterior design of the house itself looks so elegant and modern. It combines the white paint wall and the use of glass shields. The combination of white walls and glass materials is perfect.

Seems like its exterior design, the interior design of the house is dominated by the use of white color. Take for example the bedroom. This all white bedroom looks so elegant with the combination of large glass windows that allows you to see the chic view of nature outside.

The large glass windows also allow the natural day light to come into the house so that it can help to liven up the room. The bedroom is featured by double bed with white bed sheet on it. There is also stylish vanity desk, white table side with white table lamp.

Let us move to the bathroom. You can find some modern furniture inside this elegant bathroom. There is American standard bathtub. For the flooring, the bathroom use hardwood floor. It can help to create cozy to the room. The architect of the house has great vacation house design concept that successfully realized.

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