Stunning Wooden House Design; Memphis Slim Collaboratory

It is always interesting to talk about wooden house design. Well, what come across on your mind at once when talking about wooden house? This house sounds interesting with its entire natural. Yea, the main element, wood is eco-friendly element and can create beauty to the house. Besides that, wood can also give cozy atmosphere around the house.

Memphis Slim’s boyhood home is the realization of wooden house design ideas. The house now is turned to be music collaboration place which is used by musicians to work collaboratively here. This modern house consists of some rooms such as recording studio, computer lab, and also rehearsal room. This house which is previously old now can be transform to be more functional house.

Memphis Slim itself is the pianist and also blues singer who is very famous in the world. That is why he dedicates all of what he has for music included his house. No one imagined before that this old house which is unfit to live in and has been damaged in some parts can be very interesting to see and has more function right now. Brg3s Architects is architect who has successfully done the project.

This house is not made of wood in all parts. It still combines the use of some modern materials and modern furniture. When you come to the house at the first time, you will be greeted with the combination of white-painted wall with the natural color of timber. They can create cozy atmosphere to the room. Besides that, it has luxurious look inside the house. Here, you can find brown leather chairs.

In a part of the home, there is rehearsal room. You can find white colored wall with the splash of green color. It is so comfortable room actually. There is also some artificial lights above the chairs. For flooring, this house use hardwood floor which can cozy the feet when stepping on it. This modern wooden house is suitable for them who need serenity to work.

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