Stunning Wooden House Design; the Renovation Project in Slovenia

Living in a wooden house design sounds interesting. It seems like we go back to a century ago where people still use stone and wood to create the place to live. Now, there is still a wooden house but it is built modernly. The house is made of the combination of woods and stones materials. But the house looks more modern than it should be. There are some additional elements combined with modern furniture inside the house.

The house which applies wooden house design ideas is situated in Ljubno ob Savinji. Where is it? It is located near Ljublajana. This modern contemporary house is completed by Slovenian architecture. This is the renovation project. Actually, there are two houses here. The first house uses traditional house styles.

The extensive uses of stones and wood materials are one of the characteristic of this house. This traditional look house consists of many rooms. They are bedrooms, bathroom, and also kitchen. The second house uses glass materials in its structure. The use of extensive glass functions as good ventilation to the house.

Let us talk about the first house. The first house is the massive house which uses a lot of woods materials in its design. This house looks so cozy with the natural color of timber. The combination of black color from the stone can create dashing impression to the house.

The house is surrounded by lush vegetation. You can find many trees around the house. They can create natural feeling also. One cannot be forgotten is the amazing swimming pool in front of the house. It can create modern touch to the house.

If you ask about the interior design of the house, you do not have much information about it. There are only few pictures that can tell more about the house. But the main point is that the house has elegant interior design. The use of wood materials still dominates inside. The architect can perfectly manage to create modern interior design with natural elements. He has greet wood house design ideas that can be successfully realized.

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