Stylish Contemporary Hotel that Giving Unforgettable Experience

The contemporary hotel can give amazing experience when we stay inside the hotel. One of the hotels has been designed by Studio Marco Piva in Bologna, Italy. This hotel is called UNA Hotel. From the outside the hotel has modern design. The classic architecture from the South Europe is look adorable and elegant.

The hotel is located very close to the street, so it can be easy to access from many directions. Entering the hotel interior, we will be surprise with the unique design in the hotel interior. A creative architect has designed this hotel design become cheerful and attractive design.

The stairs that are connecting every level in the hotel is designed by creative design. Metallic and modern stairs make the room in the hotel look have strong modern interior design. This contemporary hotel design is very impressive. The restaurant in the hotel is created by creative design, so we will feel that we are in the different life. When we are in this futuristic restaurant, we will remember with Star Trek film. The design of the restaurant is very impressive.

The architect is really inspired from innovative design. The bar room is very impressive. It is created by bright color with the brilliant blue light. This decoration is very exotic. The bar design becomes very innovative and futuristic. The other restaurant in the hotel is designed by red color domination.

The wall and the furniture are designed by red color. This color in the restaurant makes the restaurant look full of passion. Combined with unique wall art is very impressive. The designer use program language code to decorate the restaurant. This wall art represent of innovative and futuristic design.

The corridor that connects the one room to another is very interesting. The design use retro look design that gives attractive atmosphere to the corridor. Entering the bedroom hotel, we will find elegant room that is decorated by bright room decoration. This contemporary hotel design ideas are excellent to allure the guest stay in this unique hotel.

Image By : Studio Marco Piva

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