Stylish Contemporary Residence with Butterfly Shape

Many building constructions are displayed from contemporary residence design. One kind of them is the butterfly building shape. Built near the harbor, this style surely gives you the infinity scenery with glazed wall around the construction.

Elegant curve light the butterfly strengthens the luxurious appearance when it is covered in white color tone. Within it, the spacious area accommodates the comfortable living area in cozy arrangement. Modern design is successfully applied within it for revealing the pleasure of live.

Spectacular contemporary residence architecture is employed the glazed wall around the building. The wall is covered with elegant curtains from white to keep the privacy. Consists of two levels, each level is created a terrace for enjoying the wonderful views. White strengthens the elegant appearance as the concrete construction.

Courtyard is designed in the simple way with garden garage for covering the courtyard. Some sofas are placed at the edge of the second floor. Roof terrace is perfectly designed on the green grass on the top roof. Simple classic chairs and table is arranged beside the glazed fence for enjoying the scenery without any limitation. At the edge, the rocks garden is arranged for revealing the refreshing terrace.

Modernity is used to decorate the interior. Kitchen is designed in white color for the cabinets and table. Modernity is revealed by using the elegant curved table from marble is displayed. The kitchen heads the glazed wall and translucent white curtain for enjoying the outdoor landscape. Comfortable living area consists of modern sofas and table head toward the white television cabinets.

At the back, modern fireplace is placed within the white wall. At the corner, dining area with wooden table and comfort sofa is placed beside the glass wall. Bedrooms are designed in cozy arrangement by using white bed. Glazed wall with white curtains and rock wall are used for creating the bedrooms.

Bathroom in with white sink, backsplash, wall, and ceiling is reflected by mirror wall. Translucent door separates the powder and shower room. Private room is arranged with wooden material as the cabinets and table. It is combined with lounge sofas and rock wall for refreshing nuance.

Utilizing the beautiful view around the harbor with the glazed wall really enhances the living experience. Beautiful building construction by applying the butterfly plan gives you the infinity scenery around. Comfortable and cozy interior completes the luxurious living place from the inside and outside.

Modern architectural house plan is perfectly done by this house from its building construction and color tone. Refreshing courtyard adds the comfortable private residence. This house with contemporary residential architecture design surely brings you the wonderful living experience along the harbor in butterfly design.

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