Stylish Country Kitchen Designs Applying Classic Touches

As you are looking for country kitchen designs, you are facing an exact article then. Here you can find some examples about such kitchen designs through the pictures provided here. You will also find the analyzes of the pictures that can be read. So, just observe and read with enjoyment.

In the very first image, here you are facing an eclectic kitchen. Various items are stored on the wall shelves seen from the angle here. There is classic storage design with various cabinets applied in this room. This kitchen has classic wooden table with four artistic chairs accompanying.

Well, the second image is about the same kitchen seen from different angle. On the left kitchen bar, you there is a set of stove available. As you see the floor cabinets, they have the white countertops with the same material but different shapes. See also country kitchen designs photos.

Well, in the third image, you are seeing a farmhouse kitchen with a dining spot nearby. You know, the kitchen sets available are so contemporary. However, you can find the country style from the interior construction and also a kitchen table with amusing stools existing.

There are classic things like the dining sets and also the chandeliers available. Here you see an amusing painting of hens and rooster as well. Next, you are facing another farmhouse kitchen. There is a replica of cow’s head on the wall available. The cabinets available in this place are both modern and classic. However, they are top class.

The last image is about a modern farmhouse kitchen with so white interior. White cabinet design is applied in this kitchen. On the countertop, as part of the cabinet design, you shall see some nice mugs available. There is a marvelous kitchen bar with modernity. Well, you can find more references in as well later on.

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