Stylish Duplex Studio Decorated by Hardwood Veneer and Classy Interior

D House that is built by applying Duplex Studio is indeed the most stylish house design in suburbs area. Moreover, built in subtropical forest, the studio is the finest design of suburbs house. Designed by Lode Architecture, the studio is really looked so authentic embossing natural outlook.

Main design of this studio is actually on its wall veneer of both exterior and interior wall that are covered by hardwood veneer. Authentic pattern that is applied as for the main model of the wall veneer however is really suitable to the decoration of the studio.

Chandelier lamps that are installed as main lamp at the ceiling are really embossing sparkling outlook. Hence, as modern design for Duplex Studio Apartment, the exterior of which is totally enchanting. Some aluminum column that is applied as main pillar model at the front porch is also suitable for the exterior furnishings.

Both exterior and interior furnishings that are installed for this studio are indeed the contemporary furnishings. Indeed, the exterior decoration of the studio is really looked so enchanting along with authentic design for interior wall. At the front yard, concrete blocks are applied as main material for the front pathways.

However, interior floor of the studio is applied by granite material. For the ceiling design, this studio is very unique because the ceiling is applied by hardwood material, too. The interior decoration of this studio, in fact is really enchanting because all natural elements are applied so that the studio is looked so enchanting.

Artistic hardwood that is installed as main material for the wall veneer is really embossing authentic appearance for the studio. The contemporary furnishings are indeed looked so stylish because it reflects authentic appearance of the interior design. Hence, for interior decoration of the Residential Duplex that is applied for the studio, this decoration is the perfect one.

Image By : Lode Architecture

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