Stylish Grey Interior Design with Colorful Moody Spooky Paintings

These rooms with grey interior design are created by Plamen Nedev, a talented interior artist. He fills the projects with artistic decorations that look stylish. He creates moody interior designs and we can see from his creations, there are the combinations of modern in simplicity but sometimes he gives some spooky decorations. If you are interested in his creations, we have several examples here. These might inspire you to combine plain or rustic elements in style.

The first examples are the design of bedrooms. The designer combines white and grey interior design inside. Wooden claddings are stylish. He applies these woods in white as the floor and also the walls, but it also looks great with the rustic concrete wall.

Modern wooden bed with metal legs and grayish leather bed with white headboard are suitable for this room. He places wall artistic red cross painting on a bedroom wooden cladding wall, but in the other bedroom, he places a girl with scary face painting on the concrete wall.

This designer applies white wooden cladding as the floor of a balcony. It is a place where the occupants can have a relax gather on Sundays or free times while having the natural air and sunlight. According to the bright sky, he fills this spacious balcony with bright nuance.

This balcony has harmonious light grey walls and hedges. Modern sectional sofas and couch in similar tone also decorate the space with additional monochrome and colorful striped pillows. To balance the plain, he adds transparent table and ornamental plants as the fresh combination.

If you are interested to have this design type, the most importing that you need to know is never limit your mood influence your creativity. It shows in this designer’s creations. Sometimes he applies monotone decorations with a little touch of color, and sometimes he make a design with a lot of frames and paintings. But as we know, all of them are beautiful. And you need to remember that giving the color touch is a great thing for grey interior design ideas to avoid it from tedious nuance.

Image By : Plamen Nedev

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