Stylish Minimalist Home in Industrial Design

Located in urban area, this minimalist home designed by PLACE architect Ltd has the outstanding design. The house exterior is designed with the true industrial concept. The exterior look is simple and symmetrical with the concrete exterior wall and the grid floor to ceiling glass windows. The yellow lighting from inside makes this house looks warm and inviting. The house roof is structured in arch style giving the unique look of the house exterior.

This minimalist home style utilizes all available space in maximum function. The staircase is made from iron in dark grey color. Since this is library stairs, the large shelves full of books are placed there. The shelves are built in shelves from wooden materials with natural wooden color. It is designed in simple style with the sleek look. The balustrade is made from the net iron, too. This staircase looks so industrious with these iron materials.

The kitchen is the minimalist kitchen. The kitchen interior arrangement reflects the contemporary kitchen style. The kitchen island is placed in the middle of the kitchen area. It has the iron materials in the edge of the island legs. The dark grey color is used as its surface while the lower island is made from wood. The kitchen storage is in form of the mounted shelves in simple design. The plates, bowls, and the other dishes are placed on it. The kitchen appliances are placed under these mounted shelves.

The family room is small and furnished only with two modern wooden chairs with grey cushions. The grey carpet on the wooden floors is suitable for this chair color accent. The large sliding doors connect this family room with the balcony outside where the amazing scenery is offered. Black and white paintings hang on the wall is the perfect interior decoration on this interior with grey color accent. Contemporary minimalist home can be stylish in this industrious look.

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