Stylish Modern White House For Bright House Theme

One more impressive house design comes from Sakura Country whit modern white house. This house was design by smart and creative architect from Japan that is Koichi Kimura. Take white house theme Koichi Kimura builds an impressive house at the corner of the street.

That is strategic location for that house, it because that house will be eye catching for every people who cross the street. No wonder if this house becomes eye catching, wherever you look closely this house, it is still looks very impressive.

Like what it call this house really whit both outside and inside this house, every rooms are white. This house look really different from others house around this area from color and its form, modern minimalist form that is what this house look like. This house looks very unique if it compare with other house in this area, design which is really different and modern white house interior concept.

Now we will talk about inside this house, the first one is about bedroom. Designing with minimalist concept, this bedroom looks so simple from bed design, ceiling, and small corridor which is connected this room with other rooms. Little touch of black from pillows and blanket, and little red wall decoration above the bed. It makes this room little bit colorful. One vas beside the bed, bring natural atmosphere into this room.

The next one is dining room and kitchen area. Both room kitchen and dining room are design in one area or two in one, it is can save use space in this house. Arrangement in this area includes really neat from the table in dining room and stove, cupboard and sink in kitchen area.

In this area, especially in dining room we can fell the Japan culture where there is no chair. Japanese from long time ago have been sitting on the floor that is why Japanese floor are clean and unique. Moreover use white house interior designer that is will make it different.

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