Stylish Scandinavian House Design Applied in Simple Apartment

In Gothenburg, Sweden we can find a contemporary apartment which has Scandinavian house atmosphere in it. This Scandinavian apartment has very beautiful balcony on the rooftop that people can have tea or snacks there in the afternoon. This balcony has a set of garden table set that consists of a wooden table with built in blue umbrella in the middle with some wooden chairs surrounding it. The floor under the garden table set is placed some concrete paving blocks.

Some green plants and trees are planted on the garden of this balcony to give fresh air and beautiful natural environment. We can also have barbecue there with the whole family and friends. From this balcony, we can have the downtown scenery and the buildings surrounding this beautiful apartment.

For the safety there, tall wired fences are constructed all over this balcony. By seeing the beautiful design of this apartment balcony, you must be so interesting to have further discussion of Scandinavian house design applied to this adorable apartment.

From the amazing balcony, we can enter the house to see the opened living room this stylish apartment has. A set of broken white sectional sofas and dark varnished wooden coffee table on a white rug is so suitable for the white wall and parquet floor there. Some lights like arch lamps, pendant lamps, and candles are used for giving bright view of this opened living room. Still in this room, a set of dining table with candles on it is so pretty for having meal.

To serve any meal on the dining table, we can cook on the beautiful kitchenette in this opened living room. The kitchenette is modern and chic through contemporary kitchen design applied to the whole kitchen parts. White cabinets and storage there is so stylish mixed with blue tiles kitchen backsplash and some built in lamps above them. The contemporary Scandinavian house design this simple apartment has is quite inspiring.

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