Stylish Tropical Home Design Idea for Relaxing Vacation

People can choose this tropical home in Alibaug, India, the place for exotic nature in pure environment. Calming their nerves is common case people will find if they seek to go out for vacation. This living place is made by Atelier dnD and is called as Anish Amin House.

In this design, it supports both exciting activities of indoor and outdoor. For latter case, build swimming pool with its sparkling water and provide furnished wooden deck. Relax here by lying upon chaise lounge chairs of white cushions.

On the other side, people can find potted plants and stone decorations. Moreover, large umbrella is covering people from sun heat when they sit on wooden chairs under. Make stunning arrangement of garden area by using creamy stones arranged in checkered style and plant grass among the tiles. Choose tropical home decor by placing wooden table against natural stones wall and then put furnished wooden ornaments.

Rooms inside are still dominated with airy feeling and refreshing look from potted fresh plants. Not only this element, but stone floor and wooden surface complete arrangement of earthy home. Even people can build small pool filled with large pebbles, and then put mini fountain in middle. Put golden coated accessories and hang it to wall covered with stone veneer. For lighting choice, install lots of bulbs inside and outside in order to get dazzling effect at night.

Bathroom has stone material covered to wooden panels behind vanity area. There is rectangular mirror and wooden drawers. The countertop part is made from white stone and added under white ceramic sink. Bedroom then has white mattress and pillows of red and yellow shades. The tropical home decor accessories placed or hung should be decided carefully. For example, hang abstract pictures to wall and then put traditional wooden decoration on side table in bedroom.

Image By : Atelier dnD

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