Suburban Stylish Apartment with Minimalist Decor

A stylish apartment is very good to be used in this modern era. The stylish look of the apartment will make everyone inside it like to live in it. An apartment located in Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia displayed such characteristics in its interior design. This apartment was built to provide the style to the inhabitants along with an utter comfort. The house was designed under a housing project of an Australian architectural company named Minosa Design.

The apartment is looks elegant in stylish design due to the interior design incorporated inside it. It has some big windows to intrigue the indoor luminescence with a brighter light. It also applied long white curtains that adorn the windows from the floor up to the ceiling of the house.

The white curtains also become a great decoration that fits the white wall of the house and also the white ceiling. Those white color tones give a nuance of neutral color and create a more spacious perspective of the room. The white color scheme could be the one of stylish apartment ideas that is prepared to be filled with stylish decoration.

The living area applied that white color scheme charmingly. It has a grey colored sofa that is placed right in front of a painting attached on the wall. In front of it there is a dark colored rough that create a harmonious contrast with the living room along with the presence of two black couches. This area also applied mounted shelves on at the corner of the room. These shelves look so trendy with its wooden cladding in a white backdrop.

The living area is adjoined with the dining area in which a big dining table is placed in the middle of the room. This marble dining table has white tone to match with peach colored marble flooring that is incorporated in most of the rooms in the house. The dining table provides some wooden framed dining chairs with a dark colored seating.

The kitchen area that is placed at the ends of the room has a wooden element employed in it that fits the white backdrop in creating a fashionable kitchen set. All of those stylish apartment decorating is an effort in creating a comfortable shelter in a suburb environment with a more stylish touch.

Image By : Minosa Design

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