Swanky Modern House Design for Elegant Dwelling Place

The modern house design comes from many variations. One of swanky contemporary house design is designed by JSa Architecture. This house has designed as Valna House. Located in Santa Fe, Mexico makes this home has green environment. This type of modern home looks very impressive.

Designed by light grey color, it makes the home look elegant from the outside. From the facade, the elegant window appears in the facade of the home. The home is created by bold design. Cube shape with flat roof represents strong modern design. The architect also build beautiful garden in front of the home. This small and adorable design increases the elegance of the front side of the home.

The architect uses modern house design ideas for designing this fabulous modern home. Glass windows material is applied around the home. It is aimed for obtaining natural sunlight come inside the house. The sunlight also makes the furniture and decoration inside the house look more wonderful and elegant.

The interior design is designed by combination of bright and wooden color. Bright color is used for wall and ceiling decoration and wooden color is decorated by natural wooden color. In the family room and dining area is designed by wooden furniture. This wooden furniture is matched in modern home interior design.

One of the most impressive designs from this home is the stair. The stair is designed by unique design. The artistic handrail is created from metallic design. The small like pillar is used for designing the handrail. This design is very impressive in wooden natural color. The foothold is designed by unusual design. It is made by unique zigzag design. This deign make the home have strong creative design.

The modern home is very impressive. The cube and bold design make the home looks elegant. The glass windows make the home can save the energy consumption. Modern house plan ideas are smart decision for gaining comfortable dwelling place.

Image By : JSa Architecture

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