Three Story Apartment Interior Designs of Penthouse in London

The three story apartment that will be reviewed is a modern penthouse spotted in Woodstock Grove, London. The apartment that is applied in three-story with three different exceptional terraces covers area more than 3,000 square feet. The apartment includes master bedrooms and dressing area in spacious and also some bedrooms with cloakroom. The combination color accents applied in this house reflects the pop of hues included red accent, soft accents, and also white as room background.

Let’s try to follow and read the inspiration right here. The three story apartment plans in this case are seen form the first photo in social room. It consists of red wall design for staircases board, white background, and also hardwood floor.

The staircases are different with those in kitchen area with no handrails. In kitchen the staircases only base on hardwood steps. Under the stars, we will see several colorful wall photos attached. The kitchen islands itself are designed in white counter with wider countertop. A futuristic cream rattan seat is located under the stairs, too.

If we look at some other room deigns, they are decorated in light colorful shades. In this case, the decorative accessories appear such as the pink flowers, purple floral patterned round puffs, magenta patterned pillows on simple brown chairs, and other.

Between each room to other is separated with glass wall panels to allow the sight crossing the rooms. At the corner, they also utilize the space to place wooden cupboard, shelves, or other furniture. When being in social room center, we will get long red seat with grey and dark backrest. The wooden furniture also appears on the dining table.

Well, in this correlation, we have some pictures that can be gained to get the contemporary house in this case. The design reflect the apartment deign with hues interior decoration. The decorations can be seen in every room. Thus, the three story apartment building plans can be well seen as the inspiring appearance.

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