Top Furniture Design featuring Colorful Versatile Drawers

Now we want to tell you about a great collection idea of Furniture Design. Creativity is what we need to bring a new and innovative idea inside the house. With the evolved of the creativity, we can bring the latest design interior which makes it looked unique and updated. This condition will make a better view inside the house which is reflected to the whole space in your house as well.

This new drawer design which is originally designed by Raw Edges company will blow your mind as it is coming with the efficient size that will not eat much of your space in the house. This drawer based on Furniture Design Book came with the right function that you can rely on. This drawer is really functional, it came with a rectangular shape, but the unique thing about this drawer is that you can open this drawer to the left side or to the right side.

It is totally different from the usual drawer which can only be opened from one side only. This drawer is arranged through 8 small drawers which become one large drawer. These small drawers came with the same size, so that you can see the harmony between them. These small drawers came with different colors which makes it looked very attractive. One large drawer can come with a green, red, yellow, and blue color combination.

It is totally catching your attention while placing this unique drawer in the living room. This drawer came with a simple MDW and Plywood material so that it will ensure the durability. And this drawer is not always comes with 8 small drawers, but you can add more to it, even you can have 15 small drawers. You can adjust them due to Furniture Design Blog manually so that it will fit with what you need.

Image By : Raw Edges

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