Traditional Home Fencing for Your Traditional Home

We have presented some ideas of modern fence on the previous posting, Modern Fence Design Made of Sleek Wooden Slat, and now, we want to present some ideas of traditional home fencing for you who have traditional home. Before you go deeper in this post, you are better to read the previous post and have a look some photos there to have clear comparison with this traditional style fencing.

The traditional home fencing design is also in two design types, they are open and closed. However, the shape or motif is different with the modern one. The modern seems to be in flat design with horizontal line, but the traditional one is in curvy design or in flat design with vertical line. You can have a look at these some photos of exemplary traditional fencing. The open one is with some vertical slats connected each other by the horizontal and diagonal panels. The decoration is at the newels. Carved newels will be the focal point of this sort of classic home border.

For the closed style design, classic fence is also in vertical line installation. Some wooden slats are structured vertically and connected by one or two horizontal panels. It will look nice to combine with the door entrance or gate. Designed in the same style, closed with horizontal wooden slats and Z-shape connectors, it looks really nice. Some newels are also installed for the decorative purpose. They are carved in simple touch for an elegant sense yet attractive look.

Whichever the style you prefer, classic style fencing will give you more stunning image for your traditional home exterior. This also creates clear territory of your home and provides saver effect. You can have it in certain painting. White or polished wood seems to be the most popular as you can find at these photos. This will let your traditional house design looks more eye-catching.

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