Typographic Unique Chair with Letter Design for Modern Furnishing

Do you know that Tabisso had invented a unique chair design for us? Bringing out the Spell It Out! theme, the chairs were done in alphabetical shape designs. Take a look at those stylish concepts in the first picture. This shows you a design of some chairs to create a word “œYOU!” Two standing lamps with quote punctuation, and one is shaping the “œ!” sign. Rests are the seats with Y, O, and U shapes in white and black coloration.

Clearer looks are could be found in the second picture. It shows you the seat with U letter. The upholstery is black and made from leather. Behind the seat, three lamps with quotation and exclamation punctuation stand on the white floor.

If you want to have them in your contemporary living room, you will have a perfect look for your house too. See only the seats in the next picture. Two white seats with Y and O letters, and black with U. do not worry, because the unique chair designs won’t reduce the comfort of your relaxing times.

For the lamps, let’s check them out more in the fourth image. A kind of proper material like paper is used as the lights shades there. Strong lining of the shades are done in thin black bordering. Thin and long cylinders as the cantilevers support the lamp fitly. To make them stable, a simple and squared black board is located under each of them. Nothing more perfect than these ideas. Don’t you think so?

Beside the word “œYOU!”, of course you can have other designs to be applied in your house. For the example, take a look at the last picture here. A green seat with “œA” letter, and a “œN” chair in red tone stand side by side. Since they have colorful looks, the legs and the base are colored in bright white. You can have colorful letters to be seated on now. If you are interested with the unique chair design ideas, get them for you soon!

Image By : Tabisso

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