Ultimate Bedroom Storage Ideas Lavish Small Bedroom Design

Again, if you have already design small bedroom design for your main bedroom, Bedroom Storage Ideas can be an innovative idea. Instead of applying modern bed platform, bed with storage is really ultimate idea. In addition, the small space of the small bedroom will no longer be a problem.

By applying extended storage for the bed platform, you can keep or save your secret books or your diary books. Even more, you can put everything that you want on it. By installing extended storage for the bed platform, you do not need to apply wooden shelves or even extended mirror so that your small space of small bedroom can be used for other usages.

In addition, if you apply DIY project you can make your own design for the extended storage of your bed platform. Hence, interior of your small bedroom is looked so ultimate along with Bedroom Storage Ideas DIY that is being applied as main decoration.

For some suburbs people, the extended storage is used for keeping their wardrobe even their suits collection that is used for annual events, such as Halloween and Christmas Eve. Actually, any kind of bedroom design can be applied by installing extended storage for the bed platform design. However, the best design of the bed platform is the contemporary model because it is looked so compact for other interior furnishings of suburbs house.

Made from wooden material the extended storage is looked so enchanting because it has authentic pattern that is embossed by the main material of which. In addition, suede material that is covering the wooden platform is really making the interior of small bedroom is more astonishing. Therefore, for interior decoration of the small bedroom, Bedroom Storage Solutions DIY must make your small bedroom is looked so ultimate compared to other small bedroom without adding DIY extended storage.

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