Ultimate Duplex Residence for Royal Family with Outdoor Green Garden

Whether you are not the sibling of royal family, Duplex Residence that is designed by Dennis Gibbens Architects may be your reference when you want to build your own mansion. The Modern Family Home as most of urban people calling the house is merely the most ultimate house design in urban area in California. In addition, by building outdoor garden that is planted by tropical flowers and plants are really making the mansion is looked more ultimate.

For the main material that is used to build the mansion, concrete material is indeed the main material. In addition, white color of the exterior wall is really perfect for the decoration of the outdoor garden.

Hence, the exterior decoration of the mansion is really looked so enchanting along with modern furniture that is applied near the outdoor pool. For royal family, this mansion is the most adorable place for living space. Finest material is indeed applied for the main decoration for both exterior and interior so that the Duplex Type Residence is the perfect design.

Since the exterior decoration of the mansion is designed by applying concrete material, glass panels are looked so enchanting along with modern style for the mansion. The interior decoration of the house is also looked so ultimate because pendant ceiling lamps are installed as main lamp installation. In addition, round glass shades are used to cover the pendant lamps so that the interior has sparkling outlook. For the ceiling and wall plan, concrete material and white concept are still the main decoration of the mansion.

The interior furnishings, however are really completing the rectangular space of the mansion so that the mansion is really looked so enchanting. In addition, the glossy porcelain vases that are used as main interior ornaments are looked so ultimate, too. Hence, for those who want to build a residence for royal family, Duplex Residence Design can be the alternative design.

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