Unbelievable Modern Scandinavian Apartment Create Amazing Living Space Make It Better

Dreaming about having modern Scandinavian apartment with all beauties of living space design? Now it is not just as your dream, located in the city Centre of Kongshojd, a huge building which uses Scandinavia design. Designing perfectly for pleasure seekers, this apartment have great managing room dimension where each room connected orderly one to another. Placed all furniture which is as the element f this apartment in best position make it look so beautiful.

White interior, open living space, huge building, large room and stylist room design look bright from the sun shine which is entering several rooms in this apartment. It is what the entire Scandinavian design apartment identical with. Made from combination between wooden material and strong concrete and little touching by stainless steel in kitchen area, make this apartment become incredible building.

Located on the fifth floor this apartment becomes unbelievable building, equipped with an elevator to reach the top level of building allows you to easier access this building. That elevator also allows you to entering private area which is lead you to your own living space. From the top of this building you can saw suite of others apartment building along this street. You also can enjoy the beautiful sky while read your favorite books and drink a cup of coffee.

This apartment contain living room which is completed by the comfortable sofa, relaxation chair, small unique table and simple fireplace design which is keep this room warm. This apartment is used wooden floor decoration in all room except the bathroom.

For the bathroom in this apartment is used small ceramic motif for the wall and medium ceramic motif for the floor. Bathroom is designed with combine it with the laundry area, it is will make the room more efficient. This Scandinavian design apartment ideas is the perfect apartment for your living space.

Image By : Alvhem Brokerage & Interior

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