Unconventional House in Australia With Wonderful Natural Elements Inside

This modern house in Australia would keep you stay in your place for a moment and gives you wild imagination to be there. Yea… build on sea shore area, makes this luxurious private building produce its own oasis in the middle of sandy beach lot. Exact located in Fingal, Mornington Peninsula-Australia, this building has manufactured in mixture of contemporary and rustic design as one in unity

This house manufacturing dedicated for a modern family who has wild passion and desire to own a house beyond ordinary design and decoration. This house in Australia design completely equipped with natural beauty and tropical theme which priority the use of wood and natural stone as main materials.

Maybe, you never meet a pool like what have owned by this house. Circular pool in 2m diameter length has build from concrete and placed outside the house finish with round wooden beams as barriers. Indeed, this pool is not wide, but it is quite deep to dive.

Every section of this private dual-function residence, vacation house and private house, has a half installed complete with glass wall and sizeable glass window to accentuate every viewpoint of the dazzling endless seascape around the house. And open living space is a favor room here. Instead of unique outdoor pool, a bare veranda has deliberately set up near the pool to create perfect relaxation nook under dark wooden pergola. Here, there is a build-in fireplace which is covered by veneered-limestone.

Walk through inside the main building; it turns out not only the open veranda that has build-in fireplace but also the living room. Warm and cozy with huge glass wall has accompanied the limestone fireplace. Besides, laminate wood flooring has installed under maroon smooth couch arrangement. In fact, this duo-function residence has designed to own special driveway and individual connection with rushed town outside. If you are searching for Australian house designs, hopefully this one could be smart example.

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