Unique Apartment Interior Adopting Submarine Theme

Living in a conventional apartment interior might be quite boring for some people. Therefore, this following apartment adopts submarine theme for its interior. The said apartment is located in Chelsea, New York City, USA. This apartment would introduce you to a whole new concept of living. The Surreal Steampunk Apartment, as it was named, employs unique submarine furniture inside every part of this room as if it immersed the residents onto a deeper part of the ocean.

Let’s take a look at the kitchen design. The kitchen utilizes marble flooring which has brown color. On the kitchen’s ceiling we can find a unique lighting provided by zeppelin lamps. Inside the transparent paper, there are LED light system which emanates lights throughout the room. The kitchen utilizes stainless steel countertops to emphasize more on the submarine theme. This apartment interior design places a round table in the middle of the room which looks like a rotating wheel.

Walking straight from the kitchen, we can find a dining room which is designed to look like a controlling room inside the submarine boat. The living room’s wall is covered by modern brick pattern. It mounts the telly on the living room’s wall as surrounded by decorations which look like a power turbine. Such impression would be more emphasized by giant decorations attached on the ceiling. This serves as the lighting inside this apartment.

The bedroom could make you feel like a sailor. The bedroom’s ceiling is covered by fabric, creating a messy impression. The fabric is supported by steel attached on the ceiling. Under it, we can see a modern bedroom which is covered by brown bed sheet. The bedroom is equipped with modern cabinets covered in stainless steel. In terms of lighting, the apartment interior design ideas involve transparent paper which contains light inside of it.

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