Unique Architectural House Make Over Designed in 1970

Have you ever heard of this Architectural House before? Architectural trend might be over for a few years ago and not much people used this trend anymore in their house. But it is not a bad idea when you want to use this architecture in your house for now. It is actually a good idea to start this design back again to your house. This trend might be over, but this architectural house is such a timeless design which can be used for over and over again.

There is a house which is actually an old house which came from 1970, the owner of the house wanted to makeover this house. The architect succeed in turning this house into something beautiful with the Architectural House Plans which is actually a great idea came from John Lautner. This house will has the same architecture like that 1970 house, but every material used will be changed into something newer and more modern.

The house came with a silver material in the kitchen cabinet which is shining bright when you turn on the lighting here. This kitchen area is not like the usual kitchen architecture which you can find, the architecture came with an unique look with no corner. The kitchen is a new idea used by the architecture to bring a different look in the kitchen and having a round shape in the kitchen will bring a different sense rather than using a rectangular shape for the kitchen.

The lamp used here came with an unique look, it looked like a sunflower. There are much of sunflower lamps used in the house, it is small and not that bright but is totally effective to be used when it comes with a large number. The material of this lamp due to Architectural House Design is kind of unique and it looked like a glass material which makes it more exclusive.

Image By : John Lautner

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