Unique Bohemian Themed Rooms Emanating Beautiful Ethnic Impression

We are going to take a look at several bohemian themed rooms. The rooms actually belong to a loft located in Philadelphia. The design was brought by Design Manifest. The main accent employed inside the building is pink and blue.

However, there would also be many beautiful bohemian patterns covering the furniture’s surface. It would also be equipped with room decorations that you would not find anywhere else. The room has unfurnished wall, leaving the brick structure visible for the residents.

Soft touch can be found inside the bedroom. The bed sheet in this bohemian themed bedroom, for example, utilize symmetrical pattern with white decoration. It is printed on top of blue clothe. This is also combined with pillow cover having geometric pattern.

Additionally, we can also find an urban painting of famous actress with pink and white paint only. Next to the bed, there is an end table which has transparent surface as supported with bamboo. Behind the bed frame, we would be able to find glass wall covered by draperies.

In the public room, we can find a beautiful dining table as covered with pretty table cloth. The dining chairs, however, are made out of traditional bamboo. Above this dining set, there is a hanging lamps covered in round shape. As a decoration, we can find a metallic vase with artificial dried plants inside. Across this table, there is a pink desk placed next to the blue painted wall. On top of this desk, there are several candle holders made out of copper.

The living room itself is covered by laminated wood floor. It has beautiful decoration and furniture showing the bohemian style. The seating area is supported with geometric rug having calming color. On the corner, we can find a lounge chair placed on top of a rug having fox skin pattern. Next to it, there is a simple bookshelf which also contain several bohemian decorations. Going back to the bohemian themed bedroom ideas, you could also employ steel to be the main materials composing bed frame.

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