Unique Chic Apartment with the Upper Level as the Space for Arts

We want to tell you about Chic Apartment. There is a house which has been designed well by David V architect. He has decided to build a house which is located on a heavily wooded area. It is such a great idea to build a house in this area, as you can see it looked so beautiful. With the wooden material that is used in the main material used for this house will blend together with the beauty of the nature view surrounds.

This house is located in Washington and they create this house with the right structure that compromises the main house with the isolated upper level. You can see the Chic Apartment Decor from the first time, when you see the architecture of this house from the outside. The first floor of the house looked like a standard house which is fit for a single family.

With the grey color used and the simple line texture as the main texture in the front will make it looked beautiful and attractive. You can see that there is the harmony between the colors used in the wall and in the floor, with the same color used, they hope that they can bring the same harmony inside as well. The composition of glass and the wooden material came with a balanced number.

Thanks to the glass material used that will make you can enjoy the natural beauty surrounding from every spot inside the house. You can sit in the front of the house, as there are 2 chairs here and it is comfortable enough to talk with your friends here. The owner of this house love arts so much looked from Chic Apartment Pinterest, so that he dedicated the upper level of the house as the space for his arts media.

Image By : David Vandervort Architects

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