Unique Coastal House Mirador House Punta De Gallo in Tunquen

Seeing at the coastal house that will be provided in this article can be one of the ways for us finding the best house in coastal. The house we will review is a contemporary house called as Mirador House Punta De Gallo. It is a long name f house that was projected by Rodrigo Santa Maria as a Chilean architect. The project developer had created this kind of house in unique style by locating the building on a peak of hill located in Tunquen, Chile.

Here are the photos of this unique home design. Actually, there are some reasons why the house is a find of unique and great house. The coastal house plans are applied on the cliff of a hillside with wonderful panoramic ocean views. The house that was completed in 2012 is placed on the big rock.

It requires 1,938 square foot. The structure of this house is stylized based on combinations of the wooden and prefabricated materials. The house is a single story house that is designed like a staging house. The wall panels are designed in sticks with perforated styles. The facades of the house let to be opened to enjoy the ocean view.

Now, let’s check the decorations. When seeing the facades, there is a wooden balcony with opened style and included two red and white pattern lounge seats. It is designed by wooden material too. The balcony is connected with the interior room.

It is designed in spacious area with no panels. The situations are in golden shining. Seeing the furniture, they apply creamy wooden chairs and sofas on the living room with a wheel modular wooden table. It is decorated by some blue and gold pattern pillows.

Actually, when looking at this building design and decoration, we will find the unique style and sophisticated nuance. The interior and exterior design is stylized in well balanced. We can find the best architecture based on the wooden materials as dominant in this house. Thus, taking coastal house plans for narrow lots or wide lots can influence us how to design a great building with ocean views.

Image By : Rodrigo Santa María

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