Unique Contemporary House for Enjoyable Living

The contemporary house can be invited enjoyable and comfortable living. Modern house is popular in the modern era because it can provide enjoyable living. This reason gives inspiration for RP Arquitectos for designing Briones House. This amazing home is designed by bold design and has unique design.

Located in the green environment of Xalapa, Mexico, it makes the home is surrounded by green plant that produce fresh air every day. The green panorama in the outside also can decrease the stress in the mind. It can increase the comfortable of the home.

This contemporary house design is designed by unique design. From the outside, the home exterior is designed by unique geometric shape. Bold design that is applied in the home represent the strong of modern design. This home looks like cube shape from the other view point. The architect builds this home by two levels.

One of part in the building is constructed by hanging design. So this part of the home is buffered by small strong pillar. It is very impressive when the part of the home look hanging on the air. In this part of building is also build panorama point. Designed by large windows in the corner make the owner can enjoy the panorama both in two sides.

The home interior design is designed by amazing style. In the dining area, the glass material is dominating the interior decoration. The dining table is made from huge glass material, so it looks transparent if it looks from the upside. The chair that is around the glass table is also made from transparent material. It makes a unique design inside the dining area. The large glass window let the people in the dining area enjoy the beautiful panorama in the outside.

The modern house can be an amazing idea for creating comfortable place. Using beautiful panorama surround the home make the home look more amazing. The beautiful panorama can invite relaxation inside the home. Contemporary house design ideas are smart idea for creating an amazing home.

Image By : RP Arquitectos

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