Unique Curved Wall Constructing a Pretentious House in Even Yehuda

If you feel bored with the straight wall decoration, you may need to try this curved wall. This kind of wall will give special effect for the house so that the building doesn’t look too monotonous. You can make combination between the rectangular and round wall. This is the concept taken at the House PS, this is a house project that was constructed by TheHeder Partnership. The house stands in 400 square meter area at the location of Even Yehuda, Israel.

The house has outdoor leisure place and comfortable indoor living area. About the outdoor space, we will find a courtyard made into sections. Gardens are built there to make a green spot for relaxing purpose. Residents can also enjoy and sit or have a cup of tea there.

Rectangular swimming pool is designed among the concrete tiles flooring. You can have your exercise or just to do the refreshing there. Exterior wall is built in concrete material painted in white color. Curved wall decor is constructed among the other walls with the addition of some windows.

Windows has black frame decorating each room. There are many functions of windows which are to connect the outdoor view into the room, give enough air circulation, and also bring in the sunrays inside the house. Enough windows means that you have got a healthy house! Some walls are filled by full glass wall, while some others are just covered partly. From the upper floor, we can see the outdoor area clearly through the windows’ construction.

Interior is designed in simplicity in white painted wall. Room is spacious and looks comfortable to live in. Staircase is located besides the wall in curve shape. This will lead us into the second floor of the house. The staircase is added at outer space of the house. This curved staircase wall decor can be an inspiration in making a house construction.

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