Unique Finnish House with Spiral Form

Olavi Koponen has designed House in Espoo which is a Finnish house located in Espoo, Finland. The house exterior design applied to this modern house is very unique. Application of thousand wooden planks becomes the scales of the spiral form of this contemporary house. This lovely house is offered for $ 896,000 for anyone who wants to purchase it. The facade of this adorable house is quite simple yet amazing through simple design of two leveled house.

On the front porch of the first level, we will meet some chairs in neon orange and green color shades. On the second level porch, we will meet a balcony with glass fences on metal frames. The wall of the balcony is constructed by glass materials for letting the natural light from the sun into the fascinating house. From the facade of this unique house, we can state that this house in a stunning house with amazing Finnish house design which will steal everyone’s attention.

After we talk about the facade and house exterior design, we are going to the inside part of this house to admire the interior design applied to this house for sale. The first space we are going to admire is a charming living room with chic house design. Lies exactly under the soft grey and yellow stairs to reach the upper level of this house, this living room is fully furnished with nice furniture with assorted pastel color schemes.

The soft grey stair is used as the real stair yet the yellow one is for placing some stuff like television and the other decorations. A set of sectional lounge sofas with polka pattern and a bending wooden coffee table in the middle of the sofas is the main furniture there. In front of the sofa set, there is a fireplace for warming the living room during the cold weather. This chic house has modern Finnish house design that people can use as inspiration.

Image By : Olavi Koponen

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