Unique Futuristic House for Wonderful Living

The futuristic house can be a choice for living in the dense urban area. Living in the urban area is not as cheap as in the rustic area. Especially in home living problem, the city has high cost living. Because this reason, the home in the city is built by vertical design.

High building is built for accommodating the home living necessity. This reason make studio David Hotson Architect and collaboration with Ghislaine Viflas Interior Design build an amazing sky house. Designing in the skyscraper building, it makes this amazing dwelling place has fantastic panorama in all direction.

Located in the twenty one levels above the building make this residence is very interesting to be dwelled. The interior design is designed by white color domination. The architect also uses some fresh color for breaking the monotony of the room interior design. For example, the architect uses orange color for designing the door.

It is very impressive when the orange color is combined by bright color. It makes the room look so fresh and adorable. The architect uses futuristic house plans by high quality design. High quality and eye catching design is spread in every part of the room.

The bright color gives simple and minimalist design. This minimalist design gives strong modern style in the room interior design. The most impressive part design of this amazing home is the slopping glass partition. The designer uses a creative design for designing this sloping glass. This sloping glass is designed by spiral shape.

It is very impressive because it make different sense in the room interior design. Polished by mirror stainless steel make the sloping is very beautiful. From the inside of the sloping glass, it looks to mirror the interior design in front of it. The designer has high quality design for creating this amazing part.

Amazing design of the residence is important for supporting high quality of life. The architect knows that the modern home design can increase the quality of life. Designing home by futuristic house design is wise decision for obtaining comfortable living.

Image By : David Hotson Architect

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