Unique Grey Interior from the GT House Apartment Project in Brazil

A simple and contemporary apartment with grey interior application is created in Londrina, Brazil. Done in the Guilherme Torres Studio’s hands, this residence now has a perfect look to be tried in your house. See the first picture here.

A unique living room with grey walls is created. Two mattress in black color are also provided for you. Lying on the concrete flooring is a beautiful white rug. Not so far from the rug you can see a concrete working table with hanging chandelier completes the furnishing.

Now we will see the working table clearer through the second picture. The table has single legs with half of the table surface floats. Two white seats with certain pattern are standing face to face. On the grey wall, you can see a small wooden cabinet stands fitly, with some white wall decorations is stuck on the wall too.

But to give a different look for the grey interior design, in another side of the apartment, a black area has been built. Black wall with black cabinet and black chair are completely there. The cabinet is used to be a bookshelf. You can enjoy your free times here.

Another black area is furnished with television. This is simply still a part of other parts that is mentioned before. The steel pipes for the electricity cables that go through the walls everywhere give unique impression that you can find nowhere else. Combined with a spacious white rug around the room, no more comfortable items could be put here. In the corner of the room in this picture, you can have a simple table to keep any decorations.

For the last, let’s see the grey bedroom. Lots of cable pipes has been applied on the grey wall. Above the bed itself we can see three lamps is installed to enlighten your nights. The bed is for two people, completed with grey and white bed sheet and pillows. Red cabinets in the corner makes this room looks fresh. Do not forget to have wooden ceiling here for more perfectness. You can see other grey interior design ideas photos here for better references.

Image By : Guilherme

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