Unique Home Living Design that Born from the Mating Result

There is a very special home living design that maybe we can say it as a result of the “mating” of traditional and modern house style. Yes, this is Flag House, a nice house concept by Propeller Z. It becomes special because of it genius elegant minimalist style house on the top level, and it become pretty traditional house at the bottom level. Still confused and don’t get the point? Let me guide you to come inside this house.

Well take a look on the photo for a while. You can see that this home living design ideas are about building a house in two kind of style. The upper level has a nice minimalist flat house style with a large glass windows. Meanwhile, at the bottom there is still recycled wooden house style.

Even if there is such a traditional house, but it’s not look that casual because the decor is almost in a exclusive interior design. A futuristic furniture placed in the casual design which bring a pretty good combination. Look at the soft cubic sofa with the white and gray cover color. It was a really nice and comfort design.

The main shape of this building is U-shaped house. There is a large yard in the center of “U”. It just bring such a brilliant idea because the building will have to face off each other. With the large yard there, it can be functioned as the recreation yard. A large green grass over the top level also a plus point for the scenery. The wall also has a nice wooden decoration. It make some a nice carving on there. Again, the esthetic aspects are not leave and still became the part of this house.

Well, the other reason by using the old fashioned style of this house is actually for keeping the minimal budget. With using some ex-materials that not used, the architect think it was an effective way for building the house without spending too much money, These home living room design ideas might inspire you to try, just continue to look in detail in the picture below!

Image By : Propeller Z

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