Unique Industrial Style Hotel in the Heart of Koreatown, LA: The Line Hotel

There are so many types of hotel designs that you can find in the world and there are only few of them that use the industrial style hotel setting. Well, The Line Hotel is probably the only hotel in the world that uses the industrial and rustic style in its setting.

While other famous hotel sells their luxury, this unique hotel design sells unique living experience in rustic industrial style space setting. This amazing hotel design is located in the heart of Koreatown in Los Angles and it has approximately 388 operational rooms in the service.

The industrial style furniture is one of the elements that you will able to find in this nice hotel design, but the core of the rustic style that developed in this astonishing hotel design is not lies in its furniture selection, it lies in the basis of interior setting that use in each room.

The rustic style is contributed by the wall, the ceiling, and even the setting. Most of the wall is left uncovered, so you can easily see the concrete material that use to build the wall. While other hotel thinks that the room is essential part of the hotel, this hotel left the room wall uncovered.

The other excellence that you may able to find this perfect hotel design is the ability of the design to blend few different type of design style in such unique situation. Take for example this double room. This room is supported by highly minimalist furniture selection that set in highly rustic environment and supported by colorful contemporary space ornament, isn’t that amazing?

The set of design that presented by this gorgeous hotel design is indeed the main selling point of this hotel. Industrial style decorating that developed in this hotel can become the alternative design that every hotel can take as an example, isn’€™t it?

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