Unique Japan House Design Amazing Bringing Japan Era to Your Life

Hiroshi Sambuichi is one of creative and unbelievable architect that was build an incredible house which is as a new Japan house design. He not build a house shot in the dark, he will make some research about where the perfect location. Beside of that eh also will consider about climate changing and choose best quality of each materials that are will be compose his house. That’s what which is makes house design from Hiroshi Sambuichi really incredible.

Located in an area inside the forest, Hiroshi Sambuichi build a house which is take under hill concept. That concept take, because Hiroshi Sambuichi build a house like small hill where the rooms under the hill. After he is considered condition of that area Hiroshi Sambuichi decide to use high quality of glass as the roof of his house. He is using that concept to allow sun shine entering his house. This concept allows you to make amazing Japanese house design exterior which is suit with the environment around this area.

Beside of that he also uses high wood quality for the floor, ceiling and some furniture. He makes strong foundation from mound of stone that is will protect this house from any disaster. By combining wood, stainless steel and supported by strong stone as a foundation make this house really incredible building. This building has two impressive areas that are the living room and minimalist bathroom. Both living room and bathroom have uniqueness which is make people amaze and comfort.

For the bathroom area is design with minimalist concept, small space but all what you need to take a bath are complete. Living room is designed directly connect to kitchen area in order to make people easier serve something when guest come visit your house.

The floor, ceiling and wall are use wood as main materials where only table that put in this room without any chair. It is the way of Japanese in their culture sit without chairs. Moreover traditional Japanese house exterior design their culture is stronger than interior design.

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