Unique Japanese Architecture House with a Small Size

Have you ever heard of Japanese Architecture House before? A Japanese house is always entertaining and come with a unique design which will not make people bored seeing at it. There is a house with Japan architecture which is specially designed by Sou Fujimoto architect and is located in Japan.

This house is not that large, as finding a large house in this area is kind of hard because there are not that much space left in this area. So, the architect decided to build this small house with the Japanese Architecture House Plans, with the size of only 150 square meters. People will wonder how can people live inside this small house?

This question will be solved when you take a look at the architecture inside the house. With a smart architecture used, you will know that this house is fully used all of the space left in the house. No wonder that you can live peacefully inside, and there is also a dog as their pet inside.

With the open plan architecture makes the house looked larger than the actual size. You can take a look at the attractive design just by passing by the house from the outside. This house has a real rectangular shape, and it is specially use some glass material as the window to make people can see some spot inside.

There are 3 shells as the main shells used which came with a different function for each of the shell. The first shell is used for the living room which can be looked from the outside and there is like a die plant put in the living room to bring a good decoration. The second shell is the room for the entertaining area, it is the most comfortable area in the house. And the last shell due to Japanese Architecture House Interiors came for your privacy like the bathroom and the bedroom.

Image By : Sou Fujimoto Architects

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