Unique Modern Furniture Seen in Pi Chair with Contemporary Style

In the development of interior designs, the companies compete each other to produce modern furniture in sophisticated design. It happens because of the demands of the market as well. However, in manufacturing such creative work, the furniture is also done individually. One of them is Christoph Steiger, a Swiss designer realizing the Pi Chair. What a great idea he made it when studying in Bergen Academy of Art and Design. Are you curious what it is like? Let’€™s check this out.

What do you think when seeing this unique chair? Yes, the shape is the main point that gives distinctive style for this contemporary furniture. Its stunning look appears from the natural material in dark color. Steiger took a wooden tube to construct it. The chair has wonderful curves made with high carefulness as well as patience. Even though the design looks complicated, the appearance is just simple. And, the beauty is reflected in its simplicity.

Perhaps, you get confused where to put this artwork. Actually the Pi Chair is very flexible in any room. Placing the chair in the living room, it will give special attraction for everyone seeing it. Your children must love it so much because the shape looks cute and cool. How about decorating the terrace with this furniture? It sounds great! Moreover, if you set it in your contemporary home design, the exterior will be more beautiful.

Made of wooden material, the chair is also identical with rustic design. However, because of its soft look, it can be applied for modern houses too. If you dislike the chair counter, even you can change it using colorful fabric. It may enliven the ambience inside the house. The chair also looks good as the outdoor furniture to beautify the garden completed by beautiful flowers around it. Hope this contemporary furniture design inspires you to make your place more interesting.

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