Unique Remodeling Church into Family House

The project for remodeling church, especially old church, is not the new project in the US. Christian is the biggest religion in the US, so there are so many churches too. But, in the reality, not all of the churches are visited by the people. Considering about the effectively, doing remodel for the old church can be a good solution. In San Francisco, we can find this family house called Mission Dolores Park. This modern house has amazing style inside the brick building.

Take a look at the picture! That is the outside view of the remodeling church into homes. We can see the old building with brick walls with no remodeling. You will be hard to recognize that the old church was actually the unique house. This church is doing remodeling and renovation for the floors, some parts of the church that needed to be upgraded. The designer even adds a seismic retrofitting so it can endure the building from the earthquakes.

The church has two floors; the first floor is the living area while the second floor is the private area. The living area contains living room, dining room, kitchen, and family room. For the second floor, you can find bathrooms, bedrooms, dressing room, and home office. This house is full of luxury furniture yet elegant design. The high ceiling combine with big and classic poles are an amazing view inside the house. The wooden floor and white walls are also suitable for the design.

The concept of the furniture of this house is modern yet classic theme. Since the house’s size is big, the furniture is also more than the usual house. The interesting thing is that the house is using less decoration even though the house is a spacious house. But, the view from this church converted into homes is still great.

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