Unique Stylish House in Green Environment

The unique stylish house can be designed by combining green element. The modern home is usually designed by bright color and decorated by swanky furniture. This condition can make the living can be more comfortable and enjoyable. The bright color makes the home look elegant and luxury.

This condition that makes Seijo Peon Arquitectos builds ES1 House. Located in the green area of Merida, Yucatan, Mexico, it makes the modern home have strong natural sense. The architect actually uses natural atmosphere to the home design. The green environment is useful for inviting relaxation inside the home.

This stylish house plans are considering by many aspects. This house is designed for giving the total satisfaction to the owner. Constructed by flat roof design, it makes this home look so adorable. Bright color is used for decorating the home exterior design.

This color represents elegant design to the home. The architect totally bring natural atmosphere to the modern home design. The architect makes the green space as much as possible. So, the plant and grass is easy to be met in this modern home design.

The green space in the modern home design is a smart idea. The natural atmosphere that is invited inside the room can be best object for relaxation. The architect optimize of the space to be planted with plant or grass. The medium size tree is planted around the home. The architect knows that the green plant can invite total relaxation to the owner.

The architect also designs the home by unique design. The home consists of many parts of small buildings. Each building is connected by artistic wooden footpath. This wooden design increases the natural atmosphere in the modern home design.

Combining the modern home design and natural green plant is a smart idea. The owner can enjoy the natural green nuance in the modern home design. It is an excellent idea for designing modern home design. The stylish house design can invite total relaxation inside the home.

Image By : Seijo Peon Arquitectos

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