Unique Triangular Home for a Young and a Happy Family

Here are some ideas about Triangular Home. A triangular house can be an alternative solution when you want to have a house with a unique look. This triangular house is a creative idea which came from Rikke J and Kim T. This triangular house is located in Denmark and it is a total triangular house, and you can see it from the first time you see this house from the front side.

This triangular house came with a black color which will make it looked mysterious. Thanks to the green environment of Triangular Home Designs surrounding the house which makes it looked fresh and you will be surprised when you come inside. You can follow the stone path to enter the main house, inside the house you will meet the warm living room. This living room came with a neutral composition between the wooden floor used and the traditional fireplace used.

With this combination will make a perfect family house, there is a hole as the space in the wall next to the fireplace which is later filled with some natural stones. This will create a beautiful design and the warm atmosphere is pretty strong here, and the black wall is not looked scary anymore. There is also some red color used in the curtain to bring a focal point in the house. When the curtain closed, you can see this brave red color from the outside through the glass window.

The bathroom of this house is very exclusive and it came with the useful cabinet there which is complete with the make-up room as well. With the black and white color combination in the cabinet of Triangular Home Plans will make a beautiful look and there is many spaces left next to the sink which can be used to keep your soap and towels.

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