Versatile Rectangular House Plans in Small Hill with Modern Design

81 WAW PL is the ultimate designer because he apply Rectangular House Plans for this latest house design. In addition, applying wooden material and concrete material for main material of the chalet is really the greatest idea of him. The wooden material indeed is used for main material for wall veneer. Meanwhile, the concrete material is used as main material for the building. Moreover, the house is designed in two stories floor plan so that the chalet is looked so versatile.

Surrounded by green plants that are planting at the large lawn, the chalet is embossing natural appearance. Whether the chalet is built by applying concrete material as main material, the wooden veneer is making the chalet is looked so authentic.

For the front porch, indeed, concrete blocks are also the main design that is applied along with modern decoration. Whether Rectangular Two Story House Plans of this chalet is not looked so dominating, the exterior of the house is indeed so classy. Moreover, the rooftop plan of the chalet is designed in plain design.

The wooden material that is designed as main veneer for ceiling is also looked so authentic with modern furniture for interior. The chandelier lamps that are also installed as main lamp installation at the indoor corridor is really making the chalet emerges authentic interior decoration.

Since the wall plan is covered by wooden veneer, the interior decoration of the chalet is totally enchanting. Authentic furnishings, such as rattan chairs and Barcelona chairs are indeed looked so compact along with contemporary decoration of the interior chalet.

For main interior furnishings, actually the furniture is not different with outdoor furnishings. The interior furniture is designed in modern style so that the chalet is looked more stunning. In addition, the stage lamps are perfectly embossing classy outlook of the Simple Rectangular Two Story House Plans that is applied for this modern chalet.

Image By : Michal Nowak

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