Vietnamese Private House with Simple and Modern Design

This one is a beautiful private house designed by the MM++ Architects. As a Vietnamese architect, the MM++ Architects was completely succeed in making a great masterpiece called House in Go Vap project that is located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The design is very simple yet so effective and beautiful. Done in modern concept, surely you can enjoy your days living in this residence. You can try these following ideas if you like.

Simple in a small space, you can see it in this picture. The living room, the dining room, the kitchen, all are merged in one area. Then, how could it be possible done in a perfect ways? Take a look at the private house design.

To show the living room atmosphere, a long grey sofa with letter L shape also black and white cushions is been put closely to the grey wall. To complete the furnishing, a simple rounded coffee table is applied there too. Both of those stuffs stand on the floor which is made from grey tiles.

On the same pattern of tiles, not far from there, there is the dining room and kitchen been built side by side. The dining area has a generous wooden dining table with two long benches which are made from same materials. Simply, this table could accommodate up to 6 people in one time.

Stuck on this wall corner is a long white cabinet that is completed with the presence of built-in sink and stoves. Above the cabinet is a long window that provides a great view of the outside for you. A big refrigerator and microwave is also available here.

More than half of this house is painted in white. White will give you wider and cleaner impression which will outsmart your limited space problem. Beside the coloration, the designer also built an indoor garden with small spaces.

An opened-roof concept above the garden lets the pure sun shines come inside the house as a natural lighting system. Don’t you think those are great ideas? There are still many inspirations left in this house. You can get the private home design for a clearer imagination later.

Image By : MM++ Architects

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