Vintage House Pillars Design in Residence with Many Decoration Details

To decorate the terrace, sometimes we need the house pillars. These pillars can be made from various materials such as the concrete, brick, stone, limestone, and so forth. We can also make many kinds of pillars shape. The most common shape are the round or rectangular pillars. César Boratyn, an Argentina architect designed house with pillars at its terrace. This house project is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The building is a private family home.

This house has terrace that is designed in white stone flooring. The stone has different shape and size that complement each other. The exterior wall is decorated in grey color. This grey color is mixed with the white paint. So, there are the grey and white wall.

House pillars design is constructed in white color too. Outdoor swimming pool is also built among this terrace. The house has green courtyard that makes the residents feel fresh. Greenery is always work as a healthy treatment.

Almost every terrace has furniture that lies there. At this outdoor space, the resident can do many things whether it is just like reading newspaper or books, enjoy the weather, or talking to have dialog with friends. Interior is designed in vintage design. The furniture has this attractive style. Chandeliers are installed above the room whereas under the sofa we will find the tribal carpet. Table lamp and short table complete the living room design.

Wide glass windows connect the indoor and outdoor activities. These windows are decorated by using the long subtle curtains. Wooden wall in brown color is built for the house interior wall. At this wall, there are also shelves where we can put many books.

Painting is also completed the wall design. Get into the dining table, this table has baroque design. The shape of the table is narrow and long. This house with exterior house pillars design has many details that we should notice.

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