Vivid Apartment Interior Design of Terrace2

Talking about exceptional, distinctive and dynamic design, there is one impressive prototype of apartment interior design in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The apartment called Terrace2 and it was impressively arranged with a very bright and dynamic hues. The design of this apartment was very vivid with the basic concept of heterogeneous, the interior design could be very so alive through a rich combination of some different elements, include a diverse shape and texture of some element and furniture And the most ultimate concept is how to combine east style and west decoration, very stirring and clever.

Initially, each room has individual difference, peculiar style and they could be a good mixture in term of miscellaneous design. Through some trendy, ethnical and eclectic arrangement, this residence could be one of the most alluring apartment interior design ideas prototype.

The representation of east accent is chiefly seen through some elements such as alluring bamboo furniture, hardwood, stunning golden dragon pattern in the wallpapers, and also impressive modern bamboo floors. While for the west accent, it could be seen through some aspect for instance artistic chandelier from crystal with a French style, a classy wall lamp from Serge Mouille, eccentric fireplace and beautiful rough linen sofas
Furthermore, coloring was dominated by pure white for the ceilings, and diverse bright hues for the walls such as deep blue fresh orange, elegant violet, and some printed wallpapers. The dynamic side was produced by a range of furniture which very varied and consist of rich texture. This residence becomes so eclectic, lively and unique in the same time. Some additional timber touches also emerges in a very modest way through some ethnical furniture and frames.

In conclusion, for any home owner who want to get inspiration of interior design with ethnical elements and dynamic diverse hues, could make this apartment interior design as a reference and then blend it with own inspiration and ideas, hence they will get a very rich and bright figure for their residence as well as a new excitement in term of implementing apartment decorating ideas and furnishing their residence.

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