Volumetric Contemporary White Home Design Surrounded by Natural Site

Turato Architecture has done working on this contemporary white home design in Krk Island, Croatia. Nothing prevents you from being amazed and stunned by this contemporary residence. Just take a look at its spectacular exterior design and fantastic architectural shape! As you can see, this home is just like a series of geometric boxes stacked altogether with large glass exterior to allow the residents enjoying lush hill scenery even from cozy living area indoors.

However, the extraordinary volumetric shape and verdant green hill landscape are not the only reasons to amaze one of white contemporary house designs here. To provide its residents with a totally enjoyable living experience while spending, let’s say, summer holiday here under warm sunlight, generous space is provided for outdoor lounge area. This outdoor leisure space is pinned by the uniquely shaped outdoor pool where you can visit while refreshing your eyes with the refreshing green view. This outdoor space is spectacularly built from concrete base which helps defining the extraordinary home facade.

Another element to be amazed from this astonishing living place is the placement of gumno, a traditional circular stone feature, to complement its facade while establishing a great connection with natural elements. This gumno is not placed intentionally. In fact, it was already on the location even before the home construction was started. Along with the spectacular concrete feature complementing this home facade, the gumno helps improving the appearance in extraordinary way while allowing this volumetric home to blend with the natural forested environment neighboring seamlessly. After all, who says that modernity cannot be incorporated with nature?

As you can see, the outdoor lounge is simply relaxing and refreshing, isn’t it? Even if you do not really want to spend your day outdoors by swimming, you can simply lounge in poolside patio. The space will be spacious enough for you to gather even with more people. Besides, a modern white sectional sofa can fit there perfectly. However, if you not really want to get your skin tanner, you can simply lounge inside this home. As you enter this contemporary retreat, this white modern house design will pamper you with its open and cozy interior without having to block the view.

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