Volumetric Unique Home Design Built to Overlook Five Directions

This unique home design is a fantastic project done by RTA Office. Named as House & Studio YC, this irregular home in Barcelona sports the extraordinary volumetric architectural shape. As you can see, there are five volumes assigned to overlook five different directions. This way, wherever you are, the chance you can enjoy the undisrupted view and landscape to please your eyes is ultimately great.

Five parts of one of unique home design ideas here serve five different functions. They are entryway and craft area, living room, kitchen space, master bedroom suite, and kids’ bedroom. Due the unique orientation for every part of this contemporary home, you can find how the private zones are prevented from being seen from public. However, it is done without sacrificing the uniformity and similar impression in each of five parts. It is all due the generous use of extremely large floor to ceiling transparent glass wall for exterior.

To connect every segment, an open-air home courtyard is located between each of them. This way, all of the rooms indoors may enjoy plenty of natural light in addition to the extremely light and airy interior. It is emphasized by the ultra-minimalist home interior design which incorporates the use of clean white color generously. The light colored flooring is integrated as part of this unique home interior to enhance the chemistry between lights entering and shadows casted within this home as well. As the day goes by, you may find different light patterns in every home part. Just imagine how amazing it is to see the various effects the natural light casts from time to time!

The total openness for this home design, which is done brilliantly without sacrificing privacy and comfort, surely becomes a great deal as the atmosphere embraced by interior can be elevated brilliantly. Just take a look at this minimalist white kitchen. Despite its ultra-simple modern interior design, the lights, shadows, and view surely will be something more than enough to improve its attraction. One of unique architectural home design ideas here truly is a great proof how minimalism is not painfully boring.

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