Watery Exotic Villa of Phuket by the Berth

The exotic villa of Phuket presents a paradise theme in the Royal Phuket Marina by the yacht berth. Palm trees contribute beautify the open-air view in front of the architecture home design. Traditional style of Gazebo by the blue rectangular swimming pool greets all pleasure seekers.

Fine arrangement garden in the front yard has some chic design of sitting place. One of the seats is an elegant cabana with the shady drapery. The artificial art of the water flow gives floating-like setting of the cabana.

Artificial arrangement of watery structure enhances this villa exterior to have an extraordinary look. If you ever heard about the Solomon Palace tale, this arty living home may apply the ideas upon this architecture design. Floating rectangular patio seems to be paved on solemn water leading to the main entrance of the glass wall room. it also makes this villa Phuket luxury concept filling the entire air. Symmetrical design of the facade aligns with the style of the front Gazebo and swimming pool.

The clear and wide glass symmetrical door welcomes every soul to enter a serenity space. Even six golden local statues give the heavenly regards supporting the calm atmosphere inside. Magnificent feeling comes when the wide glass walls allow the clear outside scene sustaining the interior design.

Humble white sofa model has some local craft decorative items upon the rectangular glass in the middle. Furnished wooden floor spreads under the stylish and fashionable furniture sets. The brown color makes the contrast with the predominant white scene of the bold walls color.

Simple glam fills the ambience of the luxurious bathroom. Mirrored wardrobe furniture reflects the space chic decors and enlarges the bathing room view. Still in the theme of symmetric concept, curvy bathtub looks so pretty the candlelights ornament. Night view serves a romantic scene in this residence, which is luxury villa for sale Phuket promoting the high living standard.

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