White Contemporary House with Spacious Pool and Transparent Wall

Take a look at these pictures of a beautiful contemporary house in Goiania, Brazil. What do you think about this masterpiece created by Dayala + Rafael Arquitetura? The architectural of this residence is symmetric and geometric. It is painted in clean white, exudes bright and cleanness in maximum ways. Most of the walls are left in glass materials. So, you can see how the white wall, transparent wall, and some parts of wooden been combined together. Don’t you think it’s beautiful?

Let’s start from the most enchanting part of this house. Yes, the super spacious swimming pool! There, the swimming pool lies on the spacious backyard within its letter L shape. It is covered with blue tiles all over the flooring.

You cannot deny the freshness it gives in hot days, of course. A rounded Jacuzzi is also available for you here, at the end of the pool. Every time you spend your leisure here, you can enjoy both of the beauty of contemporary house design and green scenery together. Sounds perfect, right?

Now this is the time for us to admire the beauty of the house building. From the pool area, you can see white, brown, and glass are blending together. Those installations of transparent walls everywhere will help the owner of the house gets some more pure sun shines to their house.

Besides, they also can enjoy beautiful scenery given by the house circumstances. Stony stairs and green grass on the yard are beautiful. Not so far from there, a simple fountain with levels is available as the decoration too.

Glass is not only applied in the building. You should walk inside the house, and find another item made by the touch of the glass. Take a look at the floating staircase here. The hand railing is made from sleek steel, with glass as the borders.

The steps of the stairs are made from granite stones which make the staircase looked so elegant and beautiful. The installation of the stair is near the pool, so you can enjoy the pool view and green scenery together from the height here. Why don’t you take a look at the contemporary house design plans for clearer ideas and concept?

Image By : Dayala + Rafael Arquitetura

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