Wonderful Architectural House in Playa Gaviotas

Well, at this time, you are facing an article about a wonderful architectural house which can be found in Playa Gaviotas, Peru. This project was made by Gomez de la Torre y Guerrero Arquitectos. You should see the things available here. Read the whole text as well.

The very first image shows you about the house seen from the front. You will find that this house seems simple but very amazing. The design of the exterior is simple with shape like a rectangle but the top is larger than the bottom.

You can directly see the interior part from this angle because the area here is half exterior. You can find that the exterior uses white as the color design. The interior also has white used as the color design. The top floor of the building has fences and also an area with roof as well. See also architectural house designs.

The second picture is about an area of a room with awesome appearance. Creamy white and also dusty brown is used as the interior painting. The flooring uses darker creamy white. There are fantastic objects available here. You should be amazed glancing at them. There is a set of seating spot shaped with L style. There is an indoor set of stairs as well. They will link you to the upper floor that is not too high.

The third one is about a different angle of the same room as the previous paragraph. You can see that there is an L-shaped built-in bar available in this room. The countertop of the bar looks glossy. It is colored black with the bar body colored grey. There is a built-in sink on the countertop.

In the fourth photo taken here, you shall see there are sets of stairs available in this house. You can see some sets are covered with glass walls. Find also other house options in architectural house ideas later.

Image By : Gomez de la Torre y Guerrero Arquitectos

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