Wonderful Attic Bedroom Design in Vintage Classic Decoration

Different sleeping experience by applying the attic bedroom design definitely fulfills your rest time. This attic is transformed to be stylish bedroom by applying the classic decoration in vintage style. Brightly atmosphere comes from the white decoration.

Striking color tone strengthens the fabulous attic interior design. This attic bedroom offers two new sleeping experiences with the different place and the different interior decoration. Two beds within this attic surely bring the convenient place in shared bedroom decoration.

Elegant bed decoration applies the vintage attic bedroom design ideas by using the woods for the divan and headboard. Twin beds in the same design surely bring the similar experience of the users. These beds are also functioned as the bookshelves at the edge of them.

Black wall at the back of the beds reveals the striking outlook with the contrasting ceiling concept in white. In the middle of these beds, simple side table with classic carpet surely enhances the classic outlook. Shiny unique pendant light strengthens the bedroom decoration in vintage and unique decorating concept.

At the front of these beds, minimalist living room applies the old wood as the table that is combined with the colorful pillows. This living room on the white wall definitely evokes the warm relaxation. At the entrance, the empty space beside it becomes a wonderful extra bed in colorful pillows decoration.

Vintage wooden cabinets beside the trunks decoration definitely evoke the unique decoration in naturalistic accent. Simple workspace utilizes the storage as the working table with the shiny nuance that comes through the window ceiling.

This bedroom showcases the different sleeping experience by presenting the vintage interior decoration within the attic. This twin beds design definitely offers the fascinating sleeping in the convenient area. The bright and cozy nuance of this white wall decoration enhances the comfortable area in minimalist and unique decoration. The old woods give the vintage accent in naturalistic decoration. This attic becomes an impressive attic room design as the fabulous bedroom in vintage decoration.

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